The Jeff Krigel Law Firm, PLLC is a full-service Oklahoma law firm dedicated to achieving your legal goals in a competent, trusting, and result oriented manner. The firm is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and handles criminal defense matters in all Oklahoma Counties. If you have been Arrested in Tulsa, it is important to seek the help of a qualified attorney. Whether you are seeking help from a Tulsa DUI lawyer, or a lawyer for any other crime, we offer free consultations and have payment plans available. There is no reason not speak with someone regarding your case. Give us a call today for an honest legal opinion regarding your criminal law matter.

Jeff Krigel is a Tulsa DUI attorney dedicated to providing a vigorous defense of clients charged with DUI and related offenses in Tulsa and surrounding areas. A DUI arrest is a serious matter that should be handled by a skilled and knowledgeable attorney. In all criminal cases, the stakes are high. You risk losing your freedom, your rights, and your good name. Jeff Krigel understands what you are facing, and will do everything possible to protect your rights and help you avoid a criminal conviction. Dont risk facing your DUI charge or DPS license suspension hearing alone.

“I believe in old-fashioned representation, where you treat your clients the way you would like to be treated. If I am not immediately available when you call, I return all calls within 24 hours.”

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Tulsa DUI Lawyer
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In the time following a criminal charge, you will be faced with one of the most emotionally trying and stressful situations of your entire life. There is absolutely no need for you to have to face a criminal prosecution alone. If you have been charged with DUI, DWI, or APC (Actual Physical Control), it is of utmost importance that you contact the right criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to start the building of your case. Oklahoma has new sentencing enhancements for DUI that can significantly increase the penalties of a second offense.

Keep in mind: You don´t lose all your rights just because you are charged with a crime. You have the right to a speedy trial, the right to remain silent throughout the process, the right to appeal a bad decision by the court. None of these rights go out the door just because you are charged with a crime. Call immediately for a free consultation.

Tulsa DUI Lawyer

Being convicted of DUI is a serious criminal offense. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI in Tulsa, you have found the right firm. Our Tulsa DUI lawyer has the knowledge and experience to defend you and achieve the best possible case outcome, regardless of the severity of your DUI charge.

The combination of drinking alcohol or using drugs and then driving in Oklahoma is known as Driving Under the Influence, hence the term DUI. Convictions for DUI can range from license suspension to jail or prison, depending on the factors, history of the accused, and other circumstances. If you or someone you care about has been charged, it’s never to early to seek representation from a qualified Tulsa DUI lawyer.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is the most commonly committed crime in the United States. It is almost always committed by a an otherwise respectable citizen who has never been in trouble before with the law. Because it is so common, representation of the defendant is often attempted by attorneys not versed in criminal law. Lawyers who do not typically handle DUI may underestimate the crime because it’s a trumped up traffic crime. Nothing could be further from the truth.
A competent Tulsa Criminal Attorney understands, and will convey to you the following:
  1. Though one of the most common of all criminal offenses, DUI is one of the most complex to understand and defend properly.
  2. The stakes are high and have lasting consequences.
  3. DUI prosecution is full of unique legal standards and procedures which are geared to facilitate a conviction.
We live in a country where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but it is applied differently in DUI cases. With blood-alcohol evidence, the presumption is reversed. You are considered impaired if your blood alcohol is over .08 for Driving Under the Influence (it could be less for other related offenses). Our Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyer knows how an arrest may be challenged and how, if possible, a suspension can be avoided. We can provide you with an aggressive defense against your Tulsa DUI charges and are aware of the legal loopholes that can act in your favor.
There are many complex issues that can surround a DUI arrest in Tulsa. It is important to understand that by operating a motor vehicle within the state, you have given what is called “implied consent” to undergo test(s) for alcohol. The most common test is the breath test is a breath test which measures your BAC (blood alcohol content). If you refuse the test(s), your license will be administratively suspended. If you intend to challenge the suspension, you must do so immediately. You only have 15 days to request an administrative hearing. As you can see, it is imperative you act immediately. Any delay or neglect of a DUI can result in severe consequences that may be otherwise avoided. As with any criminal matter, it is advisable that you seek counsel from a qualified Tulsa DUI Lawyer immediately. Our firm offers free consultations and payment plans are available.
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